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We are now located at 6328 Jasper Road West Sechelt

The Sandalwood Spa

Facial Treatments

Peau Vive Professional Skin Care is formulated with all natural plant based active ingredients which improve the health of your skin by stimulating your skin's own regenerative powers. All of Peau Vive's products are free from mineral oil, petroleum, drying alcohols,artificial fragrances, coloring agents, animal extracts or derivatives. Italian for " Living Skin" Peau Vive gives your skin what it needs to look radiant and function properly.

Peau Vive Phyto Peel Facial


The Phyto Peel Treatment utilizes plant enzymes to remove dead skin cells, improving skin color and texture, enabling the skin to breathe effectively revealing a glowing complexion and nsuring maximum absorption of active ingredients.

Peau Vive Phyto Aromatic Facial


The Phyto-Aromatic Treatment is a corrective treatment which uses pure plant extracts and pure essential oils to treat your skin. The treatment safely and effectively corrects common cskin issues bringing back radiance, balance and health to your skin.

* Both facials include deep pore cleansing, exfoliation, extractions,massage , serum and a highly specialized , corrective mask.