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The Sandalwood Spa

Eyebrow Microblading - 3D Featherstroke Brows

   We are so excited to offer the latest and greatest in eyebrow enhancement called Microblading. Your brows frame your entire face and make such an impact on your appearance. Many people wish they could have fuller brows with a nice shape or they want to enhance the existing brows that they have, some have overplucked their brows and they noticed that they never fully grew back.

  Now you can have the perfect eyebrows that you always wanted. Microblading is the latest technique in semi-permanent makeup that allows the technician to add in each individual hair stroke to create the desired shape and colour of brows that you have always dreamed of. The treatment is so natural looking that that is almost undetectable that you have had your eyebrows done with semi permanent make up. The results last typically from 1-3 years and are so natural and beautiful looking. You can enjoy perfect brows when you wake up, while you swim and exercise and not worry about them smudging or rubbing off.

   If you have had an older tattoo done on your eyebrows already you can have the Microblading treatment done over top to soften the lines and create hair strokes that are much more realistic and natural looking. This treatment is also really beneficial for clients with alopecia or have undergone cancer treatments that have taken away their natural brow hairs .

You can have the perfect brows that you have always wanted!!

Microblading Treatment Price is $400

The treatment is a two part process that required two separate appointments.

The first appointment will take approx. 2 hrs and includes a full consultation.

Second appointment is the touch up that is typically scheduled between 6-8 weeks after the first appointment and is included in the treatment price

Everything used during the treatment process is completely sterile in packaging and our spa using an autoclave to all of our tools.

Call  or Text me to book an appointment at (604) 740 - 6091

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